Athletic Code of Conduct


The term “extracurricular activities” means any non-curricular event and membership or participation in groups, clubs, and organizations recognized and approved by the Board of Trustees and the school district and sponsored by the district or campus.


Student participation in athletics is encouraged. Haskell CISD makes athletics available as an extension of the regular school program with this important difference: participation in the regular curriculum is a right afforded to each student while participation in athletics is a privilege that carries additional expectations for acceptable conduct. Students that engage in athletics represent not only themselves, but also other students and the school district when performing, competing, or participating in athletics and while wearing uniforms or clothing that identifies the student-athlete to the community or public in any setting as Haskell CISD student-athletes.  For this reason, their behavior must be exemplary and reflect the finest attributes of the total Haskell CISD student body at all times and places.

Because participation in athletic programs is a privilege and not a right, Haskell CISD is authorized to set higher standards for participants of athletics than it would for those who choose not to participate in these activities. Therefore, this Athletic Code of Student Conduct extends beyond the Haskell CISD Student Code of Conduct not only in types of behavior prohibited, but also in corresponding consequences and jurisdiction for imposing discipline. This Athletic Code of Student Conduct will be enforced with all students, grades 7-12, participating in athletics regardless of the following:

  • whether school is in session
  • whether the offense occurs on or off school property or at a school related event
  • whether the student is directly involved with the extracurricular activity at the time the prohibited conduct occurs
  • whether the sport is in season
  • where or when the conduct occurs

It is possible that a student who violates the Haskell CISD Student Code of Conduct will incur consequences from both the appropriate school administrator and from his or her coach for the same particular violation. It is also possible that a student participating in athletics could violate the Athletic Code of Conduct and be subject to discipline by a coach without having violated the Haskell CISD Student Code of Conduct


 This handbook has been developed in order to establish a foundation for all athletes, coaches, teachers, administrators and community members to build upon.  It is imperative that all are of one philosophy and objective to avoid confusion and personal agendas.  The expectations for the athletes and their coaches within the Haskell CISD Athletic Department are high due to the fact athletics play such a visible role within the community.  It is with full consideration and recognition of that fact that this handbook has been developed.


Athletic achievement requires sincere commitment from all athletes, parents, coaches, and administrators. For all of us to be successful, effective communication must occur. The school athletic department and administration believe strongly in being accessible to parents and supporting of the coaching staff.

We are continually attempting to improve communication with the students and parents.  For our programs to be truly successful, it is necessary that everyone understand the focus and direction of the program.


The athletic programs are designed to give students direction in developing self-discipline, work ethic, responsibility, pride, loyalty, leadership, teamwork, respect for authority, and healthy living habits. In doing so, it is the desire of our programs to create and implement a positive environment for each individual participant that encourages athletic and academic excellence.


 It is reasonable for parents to expect coaches to inform them:

  • When and where practices and games are held
  • About his/her coaching philosophy
  • About the expectations he/she has for all athletes on the team as well as expectations they have for their son/daughter as an individual
  • What is required to be a part of the team, i.e., pre-participation physical examination, medical history form, parent or guardian permit, rules acknowledgement, parent/student illegal steroid use form, concussion acknowledgement form, photographic consent and release form, and athletes information, insurance and emergency information
  • If their son/daughter is injured during participation in a practice or game
  • Whenever any disciplinary action results and the athlete(s) are denied participation in practice or game

Typical concerns of parents appropriate to discuss with a coach are:

  • Any unhealthy mental or physical strain detected at home (especially when it affects his/her academic performance)
  • How a parent can contribute to their child’s skill improvement and development
  • Any dramatic changes detected in behavior


 It is inappropriate to discuss with a coach:

  • Playing time
  • Team strategy or play calling
  • Other athletes

Coaches need parents to tell them:

  • Any specific health concerns about their son/daughter expressed directly and informally to the coach at a mutually convenient time
  • Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance
  • Their commitment to the program and how they plan to make a contribution to the program’s success. For example, one way is to be sure their son/daughter is at practice each day on time and to supervise that he/she is getting enough rest and is keeping up with school work.
  • Strategies that have worked in dealing with their son/daughter in the past


  •  Parents should not confront a coach before, during, or following a contest or practice. These are busy, emotional times for both the parent and the coach and this period will not promote an objective analysis of the situation.
  • Parent conferences need to be scheduled a day in advance with the coach.
  • If you feel that you need a third party present, the athletic director is available.  Please keep in mind our schedules and do not attempt to schedule a conference during classroom or practice time.  Also, be prepared to provide any information that could be helpful in resolving the issue.
  • To more effectively be able to address and resolve issues that may arise, we would encourage that the parties involved follow the proper chain of command, i.e. coach, athletic director, principal, superintendent when requesting a conference.


The following conduct is expected of all participants.  Failure to meet these expectations may result in disciplinary action by the coach.

  • Student commitment to a team is expected for the entire season. Students are encouraged to participate in more than one extracurricular activity; however, students may not quit one sport without facing a percentage consequence. The coach will determine what the definition of quitting is.
  • Students will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. This includes behavior toward visiting teams or hosting teams as well as the opponent’s fans. Haskell CISD participants will be noted for clean, tough, competitive play. Praise your opponents and play beyond your ability.
  •  Students are expected to arrive to practice, meetings, and games on time and prepared.
  • Students who cannot be present for a practice, meeting, or game are expected to call the coach as soon as they are aware that they will be absent. Disciplinary action will be taken for excessive absences.
  • Injured or ill students who are unable to participate, but are able to attend a practice, meetings, or games are required to dress appropriately and sit or stand with the rest of the group.
  • Students are required to show respect at all times to coaches and teachers.
  • Students are expected to refrain from wearing hair styles or hair colors that draw attention to themselves.
  • Students are expected to follow the rules proclaimed in the Haskell CISD Student Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in additional disciplinary measure related to the student’s participation in athletics as determined by the coach.
  •  Students will wear the uniform of the sport as it is expected to be worn.  No student will alter the uniform. Students will wear only what is issued to them by the coach.
  • Students are required to go through an off-season program prior to competition in their sport before being allowed to play on the varsity level.  This is a safety and conditioning issue. The only exception is a student who has moved in to the district.


Haskell CISD students who participate in athletics are prohibited at all times from:

  •  possessing, smoking, selling, or using tobacco products
  • possessing or using drug paraphernalia
  • possessing, selling, or delivering to another person look-alike drugs or items represented to be drugs or contraband of any kind
  • possessing selling, giving, delivering to another person, using, or being under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, a controlled substance, or any dangerous drug
  • engaging in conduct that contains the elements of an offense relating to glue, aerosol, paint, or volatile, mood-altering chemicals
  • engaging in serious misbehavior, as that term is defined in the Haskell CISD Student Code of Conduct
  • stealing
  • conduct that causes injury or harm to persons or property
  • using profanity, lewd or vulgar language, or obscene gestures
  • fighting
  • NO HAZING! Hazingany activity intentionally taken for the purpose of initiation in which any student(s) humiliates, degrades, or physically or mentally abuses any other student
  • any conduct resulting in arrest and/or citations from law enforcement officers
  • inappropriate touching, sexual gestures, or exposing parts of the body that are ordinarily covered up in public
  • inappropriate behavior in public places
  • attending any event at which underage drinking or smoking is occurring

Minor in Possession (Alcohol or Tobacco)

The student/athlete will be disciplined by the head coach and be documented as a warning.  Any violation after receiving a “warning” is documented as an offense.

Minor in Consumption and/or sale of alcohol or any illegal substance are strictly prohibited.  Violators will be “written up” resulting in an offense


The coach/athletic director will determine whether an Athletic Code of Student Conduct violation has occurred. Upon determination of a violation, the following individuals will be notified:

  • the student, the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s), and/or coach
  • the appropriate school counselor to provide counseling, support, and guidance in dealing with issues associated with alcohol, drugs, mood-altering chemicals, and other prohibited activities

Nothing in this Athletic Code of Conduct limits the authority of a coach or sponsor to impose reasonable sanctions, including extra workouts for students who breach team ororganization conduct expectations.


Coaches will review all the facts and circumstances surrounding a particular violation and impose appropriate disciplinary action.  Coaches will strive for consistency in punishment for Athletic Code of Conduct violations, but will also exercise sound professional discretion. Violation of any of the previously mentioned rules by a student participating in athletics will be subject to the following disciplinary action:


Baseball                       2 games

Basketball                    2 games

Cross Country              1 meet

Football                        1 game

Golf                              1 tournament

Softball                         2 games

Track                            1 meet

*Trainers/Managers-same as athletes

SECOND OFFENSE:  Multiply the above number by 2.


If a student/athlete has been allowed to return after a second offense, the student and parent will be counseled as to the following: The next incident will result in the student being dismissed from Haskell CISD athletic program for the remainder of their eligibility.

Regarding disciplinary action, judgment will be at the discretion of the Athletic Director.

JH Athletes will start with a clean slate as a freshman


An athletic letter award (letter or jacket) should require serious sacrifices on the part of the student athlete. The school letter should symbolize not only school pride, but also hard work and dedication in the classroom and on the playing field. The value of the award is diminished for all that have earned it the right way if the jacket is given as “a favor.” If sacrifices were not made, then the athlete does not deserve it.

In order to receive an athletic award, each athlete must participate and complete the season on the varsity team at listed level.

By U.I.L rules, each athlete can be awarded one (1) letter jacket during their high school career.

Baseball                                                  50% of games

Basketball                                               50% of games

Cross Country                                      100 % of meets or score a point in the district meet

Football                                                   50% of games

Golf                                                      100 % of tournaments or regional qualifier

Softball                                                    50% of games

Track                                                    100 % of meets or scores in district meet

Trainer/ Manager                                  100 % participation of sport involved

AND/OR have the unreserved recommendation of the head coach of the varsity sport participated.


  •  Universal Athletic Period

Haskell CISD’s athletic foundation will be built up developing our athletes. Proper weight lifting will be implemented along with the development of speed. Our athletic period will be designated for training and developing our athletes physically. If time permits we will then will use the rest of our time to teach and work on sport fundamentals.


Haskell CISD is not responsible for injuries of its students who are participating in sports. However, Haskell CISD will carry a supplemental insurance covering participation in practice or competition for athletes. The coverage will be secondary to any existing personal insurance the student may have. Haskell CISD strongly recommends students utilize the voluntary insurance offered by the district.


A condition to participating in any extracurricular activity or holding any office (elected or appointed) is to sign an acknowledgement that the student has read and understands the Athletic Code of Student Conduct.  The student’s parent or guardian must also sign the acknowledgement. The acknowledgement states that the signing party understands the consequences for engaging in prohibited conduct.

————————————-Please sign and return——————————-


I have read the Haskell CISD Athletic Code of Student

Conduct and agree to adhere to these rules as a condition for my voluntary participation in Haskell CISD athletic activities.  I understand that failure to do so will result in disciplinary measures related to my extracurricular participation.

Student Name______________________________________________

Student Signature___________________________________________

I have read the Haskell CISD Athletic Code of Student Conduct and understand the requirements for my child’s voluntary participation in Haskell CISD athletic activities. I understand the consequences that my child will face if he or she fails to adhere to these rules and agree to such terms.

Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________

AD Initial________________