Boys Junior Varsity Baseball, Boys Varsity Baseball · Taco Plate Fundraiser

The baseball team is selling Taco Plates as a summer-league/JH baseball fundraiser.  They are $10 each and include 2 Tacos, Rice and Beans.  They will be pre-sold so find a baseball player; Coach Compton; at the Elementary, Mrs. Bredthauer; or pretty much any parent of a baseball player for tickets.  They will be selling tickets until Wed, May 2nd.  You will pick up your taco plate at the baseball concession stand on Saturday May 6th between 11am and 1pm.  If you have any questions, see Coach Compton or a baseball player/parent, or call Coach Compton and leave a message at 254-709-1671

If you don’t see a player, email me and I will send one to you.
Thanks for your support,