Concussion Management

Concussion Management

Texas Legislature passed HB 2038 which Governor Perry signed into law during the summer 2011. HB 2038 mandates that each school district have a concussion oversight team which designs and implements the protocol for the diagnosis, treatment, and return to play of any student athlete who sustains a concussion. The concussion oversight team for Haskell CIDS that designed the protocol listed later on this page is comprised of: Shannon E. Cook MD, David M Stark MD, Derel T Padon MD, Elliot R. Vann MD, Paul W. Watts DO, Randy Harrimen Outreach Coordinator, and Christian Aviles CAT.

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For more information on concussions the center for disease control has an excellent informational website ( If you have any questions about concussions, the Haskell CISD Concussion Management Protocol, or if you think your son or daughter may have a concussion please do not hesitate to contact Haskell CISD.

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