Emphasize big, multi-joint movements!  These are lifts that involve more than one muscle – i.e., not an isolation exercise like leg extensions – but lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench, and clean.  These lifts are the most efficient for building muscle and strength.

Starting too light.  Starting light allows for more time for our athletes to progress forward.  This part of our philosophy protects our lifters from stalling and becoming frustrated.  Most lifters want to start heavy and start now!  This will lead to a quick stall and create doubt.  This is nothing more than ego, and nothing will destroy a lifter faster, or for longer, than ego.

Progress slowly!  This goes hand in hand with starting to light.  Slow progress might not get you the best rewards today, but it will tomorrow.  The longer you can progress, even by 1 rep or 2.5 pounds, the more it means that you’re actually making progress.  If you bench 225 and want to get 300, you have to bench 230 first.

Breaking Personal Records (PR’s).  This is where the fun of this – and any – program begins and ends.  Our program allows you to break a wide variety of rep records throughout the entire year.  Most people live and die by their 1 rep max.  This is foolish.  If your squat goes from 225×6 to 225×9, you’ve gotten stronger!  Breaking PR’s is a great motivator, and it’s also a great way to add some excitement into your training.  In this way, the sets and reps carry much more meaning.  There’s something on the line.  You’ll have greater focus and purpose in your training.